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Currently under construction, a 3 bedroom detached house with separate garage in Poole. Available to purchase with the Help to Buy scheme. Due to be ready May 2019.


Canford Cliffs Avenue, Poole

Started early July 2018. Two large luxury houses in the exclusive area of Canford Cliffs, Poole for a Developer client.


  • Four 3 Bedroom Houses in Oakdale, Poole. Due to start June 2019.
    Will all be available with the Help to Buy scheme.
  • Four 2 Bedroom Houses in Parkstone, Poole. Due to start July 2019.
    Will all be available with the Help to Buy scheme.
  • One 3 Bedroom House in Waterloo, Poole. Due to start May 2019.
    Will be available with the Help to Buy scheme.
  • Two Large Luxury Houses in Poole.
    Due to start Autumn 2019

We are currently negotiating, and awaiting planning decisions, on a number of projects at present.
We will post details as soon as planning permissions are obtained.

Property Investment and Land Required

We pay generous commissions to Agencies or individuals for original site introductions. We also offer joint venture and profit sharing programmes to Landowners where appropriate.

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